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My recent body of paintings have taken me in an unexpected direction.


Following my studies in France I had learned to be free, confident and loose. Now while retaining the human form, and in a similar direction, I shake hands with great courtesy to the abstract/minimal and head into the challenging portrayal of known personalities, capturing youth, play and relationships with every painting carrying a message - sometimes appearing as loneliness, sometime friendly intimacy, and occasionally secretive.


These painting are growing as I work and I see them becoming larger, stronger and perhaps once again more minimal and abstract.


And then again - they may not!


Why do we want to challenge ourselves to the very limit in our artistic work?

I believe one has the inherent need - or one does not.


I do know that I enjoy pushing my art to my own high bar, and I see the recent work as a natural progression challenging the very core of my own concept of humanity

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